15 Weekends of Summer Fun!
Whether you want to soak in the sun and listen to live music or watch a movie under the stars here’s our guide to some of KC’s best summer activities.
If you’re into experimental hops, you’ll want to know about this beer
Double Mountain Brewery collaborates with Perrault Farms to create Grower 397 West Coast IPA. Showcasing a combination of experimental hops.
Beyond Brewing Courses to Further a Career in Beer
Brewers, by trade, are a curious lot. It takes a certain kind of scientific, mechanical, and creative mind to create lagers and ales of distinction. From the earliest days of a career in brewing, e…
Repurposed beer yeast encapsulated in hydrogels may offer a cost-effective way to remove lead from water
Every year, beer breweries generate and discard thousands of tons of surplus yeast. Researchers from MIT and Georgia Tech have now come up with a way to repurpose that yeast to absorb lead from…
Who’s ready for more Hop Butcher from Abu Nawas!
HOP BUTCHER FOR THE WORLD: HOP BUTCHER Super Megabite 6/4/16oz CANS – Triple India Pale Ale with Citra, Amarillo. 10.5% ABV – IL HOP BUTCHER Grid 6/4/16oz CANS – American Pale Ale…
Redefining Craft Beer: Asian Americans Brewing Up Heritage
A new wave of Asian American brewers is putting their heritage at the heart of their craft.
How To Introduce Friends To Craft Beer
How To Introduce Friends To Craft Beer: Check out these tips to help your friends fall in love with craft beer!
Cleaning and Sanitation for Beer Brewing – Part 2
This week I dive into the cleaning process and discuss some of the most popular cleaners used when brewing beer. Last week in Part 1, I explained why cleaning and sanitation is so important for beer…
The Science Behind a Beer’s Dryness
Attenuation is the consumption of sugar by yeast. More attenuation means less residual sugar which generally means a drier beer … or does it? A lot of factors come into play in how much attenuation a…
Blue Moon Beer Debuts Baseball Ice Cream With A Buzz
Yes, there’s alcohol in it. And to keep the ballpark theme going, it’s served in miniature Rawli...
Early Great American Beer Festival Booth Registration Now Open
Member exclusive: Brewers Association members who register for the festival prior to June 2 will receive a free festival booth space, as well as one free beer entry for the 2024 competition.
GALLO Enters the Final Frontier: Beer
GALLO, the largest wine producer in the world has entered the beer business. The company announced a strategic partnership with the founders of Montucky Cold Snacks, makers of the light 4.1% abv la…
The world’s largest winery buys into the craft beer biz
The world's largest winery, Gallo Winery, makes a "strategic investment" in the nation's 40th-largest craft brewer: Montucky Cold Snacks.
Ten Things To Do In KC This Weekend, May 16-19
Here are ten great things to do in Kansas City this weekend, May 16-19, including: KC Monarchs home opener, KC Folk Fest and Kelce Jam. Here are ten great things to do in Kansas City this weekend,…
Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest returns with more events
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Patrick Mahomes finds loophole in NFL’s ban on beer commercials
NFL rules prohibit players from drinking or endorsing beer in commercials or advertisements, but Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has found a loophole.
Humble Forager beers, seltzers, and cocktAles on their way to Iowa from Abu Nawas!
HUMBLE FORAGER MIXED PACKS: Humble Forager Humble Bumble Mixed Pack 2/12/12oz Sleek CANS – Brand New Bumble Buzzed Seltzers Mixed 12 Pack (2/cs) Featuring: Humble Bumble v1: Citrus. 5% ABV &#…
Museum of Beer and Brewing Opens in Milwaukee
The Museum of Beer and Brewing held a soft opened on Saturday, May 11th with plans for a grand opening later this summer. The museum is located in the Lincoln Warehouse Community just south of down…
Laurelwood Brewing closed, the auction has been announced
Today we announce the final note to Laurelwood Brewing's long and lovely song. The brewery is going up for auction. Here's what is on the block.
The London Black Nitro Beer Giving Guinness a Run for Its Money
The two glasses stood tall on our table, brown liquid cascading and bubbling to black. I palmed the imperial pint, bringing it to my lips. A rush of
James Watt, a controversial figure who founded BrewDog along with Martin Dickie, is stepping away from his CEO position after nearly 17
The hits just keep coming for the global craft brewer, BrewDog, and its attempt to “save the pla...
UF/IFAS researchers work to make beer hops a Florida crop
Researchers with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences believe they have identified a method for making hop-growing viable despite Florida’s incompatible climate: greenhouses. …
The University of Florida grows hops plants in greenhouses
The team hopes to harvest the crop again in the coming months.
Is Coors Banquet The Most Underrated Beer In America?
Is Coors Banquet the most underrated beer in America? That's a question David Hookstead sets out to answer.
Man's trick for opening beer using household item – but not everyone agrees
TikTok user AndreLifeHack, who boasts 7.9million TikTok followers, made a video about his alternative method to opening a bottle. But not everyone would be keen on the hack
Anheuser-Busch Boosts Efforts to Reclaim Top Spot in Beer Market
BUD stock rose 7% the week after the company reported solid earnings and expects the Bud Light backlash to be over, but a weak consumer may be a bigger concern
The States With the Most Craft Breweries in 2023
[IMG] Mapped & Ranked: The States With the Most Craft Breweries in 2023 My favorite beer stats are per capita as they tend to give a more apples-to-apples comparison of beer scenes. We are...
6 Underrated Cities for Craft Beer Lovers \(And Brewers\)
Sure, you can find great beer in Portland and Denver. But these unexpected cities are becoming craft beer destinations. Ready for a taste test? Sure, you can find great beer in Portland and Denver.…
Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming Beerfests
April showers are bringing more than flowers on Long Island this year, with fun beer festivals springing up across the Island in May and June. Warmer weather also means the opening of outdoor beer…
The 8 Best Craft Beers Of May 2024
From IPAs to pilsners to wheat beers and fruited beers, May is a great month to be a beer fan.
Look at the label on alcohol-free beer
Brewers in the Netherlands are calling for uniform European rules and labelling for alcohol-free beer. They say this would forestall unfair competition and prevent confusion regarding exactly how…
Wichita's new dog bar opens Friday
You've been drinking beer all wrong! Expert reveals four tips for a better pint - and the correct glass to dri
According to Grace Daley, Cruzcampo's UK Senior Brand Manager, many drink beer too quickly, from the wrong glass and even store it incorrectly.
The Museum of Beer and Brewing opens in Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Humans and beer have a long history together.Now, here in Milwaukee, there's a spot to learn all about our storied past. The Museum of Beer and Brewing opened Saturday, May…
20 Countries with Highest Beer Taxes in the World
In this article, we are going to discuss the 20 countries with the highest beer taxes in the world. You can skip our detailed analysis of the global beer market, the largest beer producer in the…
KC-based Tom's Town Launches Rye Whiskey
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