Should You Let AI Recommend Beer?
AI promises optimized decision-making & enhanced experiences. Should you let AI recommend beer? The results were both humorous and surprising
The History of the World’s Most Iconic Beer Glass, Bierstiefel
Munich. September 25, 2010. I made my way from my forest campsite on the fringes of Munich to the campgrounds in the heart of the city, completing the
Freely Given: Water as a Hospitality Tool in Craft Beer Spaces
In craft brewery taprooms, water can play a role in creating the sense of belonging and safety intrinsic to building hospitable community spaces.
Nigerian Breweries Moves to Acquire Another Wine Company, Shuts Down Two Plants
The Nigerian Breweries has said that it will conclude the acquisition of majority share in Distell Wines and Spirits by the end of June this year.
Five things our research uncovered when we recreated 16th century beer \(and barrels\)
It's true that our 16th-century ancestors drank much more than Irish people do today. But why they did so and what their beer was like are questions shrouded in myth. The authors were part of a team…
Small Kansas breweries call new law a 'big win' for sales
Green Frog Brewing has been open for about a month in the small town of Douglass.
The Ultimate Tap Room Experience
Creating The Ultimate Tap Room Experience can have a huge impact on how you feel about a specific brewery and their beer.
Finding the Dessert-Like Flavor Adjuncts that Work Best for You and Your Brewery
Lara Hargrave, lead brewer at Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, runs through several of the adjuncts they add to their pastry stouts, including some useful tips for flavor and practicality.
Annual Craft Brewers Production Report from the BA
The number of operating craft breweries continued to climb in 2023, reaching an all-time high of 9,683, including 2,071 microbreweries, 3,467 brewpubs, 3,900 taproom breweries, and 245 regional...
These Are America's Top 50 Producing Craft Breweries For 2023
Unsurprisingly, topping the list is Pennsylvania’s G.G. Yuengling and Son, followed by Boston Beer Company, the makers of Sam Adams.
A Major Seattle Investment Group Just Bought Fremont Brewing
Seattle Hospitality Group, which also owns Pike Brewing, has acquired a controlling stake in another famous brewery
14 Popular Canadian Beer Brands, Ranked - Tasting Table
Canada boasts over 1,300 breweries, so it was hard to find and rank our favorite breweries and beers. These are the most popular Canadian beer brands, ranked.
Eventually, the SABMiller-AB InBev mega beer merger will matter to you
Earlier this week, SABMiller and AB InBev agreed to the largest beer merger of the decade and one...
The 2024 Hop Report from Yakima and New Zealand
Checking in with Northern and Southern Hemisphere hop farmers for the state of the 2024 crop.
Can a Brewery Make Good Wine? These Beer Makers Say Yes.
In an effort to reach an increasingly diverse customer base, brewers are turning over some of their equipment to producing wine.
Top 50 US Brewing Companies - 2023
On April 16 the Brewers Association released its annual ranking of the top 50 producing craft brewin...
Ownership group buys Fremont Brewing
Brewers Association's Annual Craft Brewing Industry Production Report and Top 50 Producers for 2023
The number of operating craft breweries continued to climb in 2023, reaching an all-time high of 9,683, including 2,071 microbreweries, 3,467 brewpubs, 3,900 taproom breweries, and 245 regional...
Kelly signs bill in victory for microbreweries in Kansas
Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly signed a bill Thursday making it easier for microbreweries in the state to operate and distribute their product.
The 2023 List of Craft Beer’s Top Producers Shows Volume Down and Breweries Up
The Brewers Association released their annual list of the largest production breweries in the United States on April 16. The list is looked forward to by many larger breweries to see if they’ve made…
Boulevard Brewing Co. Scores Big, Announcing Lo'eau LaBonta, Kansas City Current Midfielder, as New Brand Ambassador
As the excitement of the Kansas City Current season continues, Boulevard Brewing Co. is thrilled to announce a winning addition to its team: Lo'eau LaBonta, a star in the world of women's soccer, has…
Craft beer production has declined in the US, new report shows
Top 50 American Craft Breweries – 2023
Our friends at the Brewers Association just released their annual list of the Top 50 American Cr...
Turning Brewery Challenges into Growth
Take advantage of automation opportunities to improve production, reduce human intervention, and maintain quality and safety in your brewery.
These Are Europe's 20 Best Beer Destinations For This Summer
And Munich doesn't even make the top 10
Low Blood Sugar And Drinking Beer
Video Course: Fun and Flavorful Pastry Stouts with Great Notion
Lara Hargrave, lead brewer at Great Notion in Portland, Oregon, takes us on a journey through the production of big, whimsical, indulgent, nostalgia-inducing dessert-inspired stouts.
Craft Brewers Are Convinced It's Lager's Year \(For Real, This Time\)
In a time when it seems like just about anything can be an alcoholic beverage (Distilled Doritos Nacho Cheese, anyone?), some craft breweries have embraced the trend, expanding their portfolios with…
10 Biggest Beer Producers In The World - 2024
Beer remains most the popular alcoholic beverage in the world, and is dominated by multinational...
Airline Exclusive Beers Are Taking Over the Skies
Breweries and airlines are partnering to make exclusive beers that elevate your in-flight drinking, by creating ales specifically tailored to taste better in the air. Here's what to know.
A Beginner's Guide to Idaho's Underrated Craft Beer Scene
There's more to the Gem State than potatoes
3 Apocalyptic Disasters And The Craft Beer You'll Need To Survive
Even though the solar eclipse didn't bring on the apocalypse, there's plenty of potent...
New Shiner Bock Ad Stars Texas Actor Jesse Plemons And An Iconic Beer
You may remember Jesse Plemons from Friday Night Lights or his memorable take in Breaking Bad. H...
GABS pledges $100K cashback to support craft beer industry
Managing Director Mike Bray speaks to Beer & Brewer about the cashback campaign, and the launch of the post-GABS Beer Safari.
Move over IPAs: Craft brewers win over new fans with lighter beers
When the weather warms up and the days get brighter, so do the beers people drink. And increasingly, craft brewers are focusing their efforts on those light, refreshing lagers.
Craft Beer Capital Denver Joins U.S. Nonalcoholic Brewing Boom